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A New York Minute With Ralph's Bodega

A New York Minute With Ralph's Bodega

Despite some misconceptions, New York is a very friendly place. You just have to get to know us better. So we have taken it upon ourselves to do just that with our series A New York Minute with...

Let's take a NY minute to meet Ralph AKA The Mayor of Fort Greene. Ralph has been running this family run Bodega for over 40 years. Ralph's is the oldest store in the neighborhood and is the kind of place where you could drop-off a key and chat it up with locals. Now you can say you know at least one person in our city! Tell Ralph we say 👋🏽 

Hopefully this serves as a nice ice-breaker and when you decide to visit Ralph's don’t clog up the aisles with your luggage instead reserve your luggage storage with Free Your Arms - Use the discount code ANYMINUTEG5 for 5% off your delivery.

👋🏽 We Are Free Your Arms - New York’s 🚐 💼 Team - If you see our 🚐 Don’t be shy, stop by, say 👋🏽 - We’d ❤️ to take A New York Minute to get to know 👈🏾✌🏾

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