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Do What You Love Isn't Just a Catchy Slogan!

Do What You Love Isn't Just a Catchy Slogan!

Happy Birthday to us.

Today we celebrate 3 years in business. No small feat I promise you.

The inspiration behind the passion for this company can be attributed to my dad. Growing up he taught us that no matter what we decide to do, make sure we do what we love. For him this wasn't just some catchy slogan. He was a living testament to those words. He drove a NYC Taxi 80 hours a week for 38 years and he loved it! Through the dangerous 70's and 80's up until 2014 when he retired. My dad loved meeting people and sharing stories about the city with them. He was an ambassador with a front row view to the greatest city in the world and he loved every minute of it. 

So it is with this spirit and passion that I took up the mantle in July of 2015 sitting in my own front row seat, witnessing many of those same city sights, sharing many of those same stories with the people I meet just like my dad did. 

As I wrote on that first day on July 11th 2015...

"It has been a lot of work launching our mobile luggage storage service but it is finally here! I am writing this post from Bedford and North 6th, with the van doors wide open. I had no idea this first day would be so terrifying! It is literally un-chartered territory."

Head over to our Facebook or Instagram to see some of the images captured during our 3 year journey. What more fitting way to start than with an image of our first van fresh out the sign shop and my Dad at its side (When we were called Subbnb).



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