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The Best Luggage Storage Options in New York City

The Best Luggage Storage Options in New York City

Here is a listing of our top luggage storage recommendations covering the main categories of luggage storage options available in NYC

Mobile Baggage Storage - This can be called The UBER for Luggage model. This model was introduced to this market by Free Your Arms in 2015. Mobile storage companies offer short term and on-demand courier services. The key advantage is that the customer does not need to travel to or from the storage location, which saves valuable time and money. The disadvantage is that it is a bit pricier.

Airbnb For Luggage Model - This model is often referred to as the Airbnb for luggage model which like Airbnb monetizes available space. You can find storage locations in venues such as storefronts, cafes, apartments etc for short term storage. This model strikes the right balance between price and accessibility for customers looking for drop-off locations nearby, the disadvantage in this model is the inconvenience some customers have traveling to and from a stationary location.

Brick and Mortar (Long term storage companies) - These companies utilize a traditional storefront dedicated to luggage storage. The advantage is that they have one reliable location with set hours, the disadvantage is that the customer experience relies on old technology which typically isn't as user friendly.

Here is a quick list of the best companies.

Free Your Arms - As mentioned above the mobile model offers the most convenience at reasonable rates. Launched in 2015, Free Your Arms has the best track record of any mobile service in the city. Rates start around $19.99 per bag and $4.99 daily.

Vertoe - The first company to dive full in on the Airbnb model in NYC. Vertoe provides over 100 drop off points in and around the city. There rates hover around $5.95 per bag. They are headquartered in NYC which comes in handy when dealing with a local clientele.

Luggage Hero - Originating from across the pond in the UK. Luggage Hero has great reviews and the most locations in the city. Their key feature is an hourly model starting at $2 an hour.

Schwartz Luggage - These guys seem to have been around the longest and have two locations in midtown. The flagship storefront is located on 357 West 37th Street. 212-290-2626.  Their reviews are mixed, but seemed to have been improving in recent years, probably due to the influx of competition.

We recommend you do your due diligence before storing with any storage company. Good Luck!

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