Common Questions

How many bags can you deliver?
We can deliver dozens of bags with a single order.
Where will we pick up or drop off our luggage?
For Airports - The courier will meet you outside the passenger arrivals/departures terminal. This is where taxis and shuttle buses pick up and drop off passengers. We will notify you with a specific passenger pickup area once the courier arrives.
For Hotels - Please let us know if you will be picking up, or dropping off your bags with the hotel and the courier will go to the concierge desk.
For Everywhere else - The courier will meet you curbside. PLEASE NOTE: Couriers are not allowed to leave the van (Except for hotels). If you need a service that requires us to leave the van there is an additional fee. Contact us for details.
What Regions do you service?
We service the New York Metropolitan Area as well as parts of New Jersey (Including Newark Airport) and Long Island.
Can I drop my bags off at your location?
Unfortunately we are currently only accepting curbside mobile deliveries.
Can I store my bags overnight?
Of course. You can store your bags for as many nights as you want!
Can I disable the delivery alert?
Yes just reply to your confirmation email with your request. However if there is not a doorman, mail-room, person present for the duration of your selected delivery window, the package will be returned for an additional fee. So disable with caution.
What are your hours?
We offer a 24 hour On-Demand luggage service, though please note that additional fees apply between 7pm‚Äď7am.
Is my luggage safe and secure?
Yes, your bags are either stored on a vehicle or in climate controlled units with 24 hour surveillance. This facility is closed to the general public.
Are you insured?
Yes, we are insured for up to $99 total liability for lost or damaged items. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more details on items covered.
How do I pay?
Once you've got your quote you can go through to our secure online checkout. Our drivers are not able to accept any cash as payment.
What if I need to add or subtract bags?
Please contact customer service at +11-347-354-5683  or respond to your email confirmation to add or subtract bags.
What if I need my luggage returned earlier than the scheduled time?
We suggest notifying us at least 90 minutes before your reservation time to avoid additional fees.
Can I trust that you will be on time, I have a flight to catch?
Yes, we have never had a customer miss a flight. If we miss your exchange due to our delay, we will get your luggage to you on our dime.
What if I am late? 

If you are late we may offer a 15 minute courtesy window to customers ONLY IF our schedule allows, however you will be responsible for a $5.99 late fee per bag 15 minutes after your scheduled exchange time and every 15 minutes after that, with an additional $24.99 after hours fee if you arrive after 7:00pm plus $4.99 per bag after midnight.

(The late fee does not apply to incoming flights/cruises/buses provided you leave us your travel information and schedule your exchange at least 45 minutes after your landing) (However you will not be entitled to a refund without notice of delay at least 90 minutes before the start of your exchange time) Best practice is to notify us as soon as you know you are delayed.

If you are late and can't collect your luggage on time then we can ship it to you. This is charged separately and will include a handling fee.

Can I leave/pick-up my bags from my hotel front desk?
Yes we recommend it, just make sure you clear it with your hotel and let us know.

If you've got a not so common question then please call us